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AutorenMarko Boger, Frank Wienberg, Winfried Lamersdorf
TitelVirtual Processors: Migrating Object-Clusters unify Concurrency and Distribution
Publiziert inJournal on Integrated Computer-Aided Engineering
ZusammenfassungConcurrent and distributed software systems are currently very distinct in their usage and programming. In the case of Java the first requires threads, the latter RMI, CORBA, Voyager etc. However, they are tightly related and often cited in one breath. This paper presents a concept that unifies these two aspects into one. To achieve this the concept of virtual processor, a mechanism to cluster and transparently migrate groups of object, is introduced. It can be used to express concurrency as well as distribution and migration can turn one into the other. As a proof of concept a dialect of Java that implements this concept and some examples are presented.
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