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Smarte Netze zur urbanen Bürgerbeteiligung
Dr. Dirk Bade, Heiko Bornholdt, David Jasper Jost, Philipp Kisters, Prof. Mathias Fischer, Prof. Dr. Winfried Lamersdorf
Logo LinkedFYPA²C
Linked Forever Young Production Automation with Active Components
DFG Priority Programme 1593/2 (In cooperation with HSU, Hamburg)
Logo Baqend
Build Faster Apps Faster
IFB Hamburg
Dr. Felix Gessert, Prof. Dr. -Ing Norbert Ritter, Florian Bücklers, Malte Lauenroth, Hannes Kuhlmann, Wolfram Wingerath
Logo cadeia
Consensus and Distributed Code Execution for Information Markets and Applications
Logo ContAgency
Kontextdatenvermittlung in mobilen ubiquitären Systemen
Logo InvaliDB
Scalable Push-Based Real-Time Queries on Top of Pull-Based Databases
Logo Jadex
BDI Agent System
Logo Jadex Rules
A lightweight forward-chaining rule engine
Logo NoSQLMark
The NoSQL Benchmarking Framework
Logo Orestes
Objects RESTfully Encapsulated in Standard Formats
Logo SickStore
Single-node inconsistent key-value Store