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Foundational Research on Service Composition
Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, Bristol, UK
The dynamic composition of existing services into new services is at the core of service-oriented computing. The objective of FRESCO (Foundational Research on Service Composition) was to develop a framework that service providers can use in order to model, develop, and execute composite services. The FRESCO framework includes conceptual tools, such as models for service composition and aggregation. The framework also includes technology elements, such as an integrated development environment and specific components of the infrastructure for service execution. As a result, a methodology and prototype implementation was provided for using the FRESCO framework in the development of composite service solutions.
Beteiligte Personen
  • Mitarbeiter
  • Studentische Mitarbeiter
    • Andre Schmidt
    • Kevin Schütt
    • Matthias Ferdinand
    • Felix Willmann
    • Sven Offermann
    • Olaf Fischer
    • Olaf Gregor
    • Robertino Solanas
    • Thomas Plümpe
    • Henning Brandt
    • Jewgeni Kravets
    • Bernhard Wenzel
Publikationen im Projekt