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AutorAndre Schmidt
GutachterWinfried Lamersdorf
BetreuerChristian Zirpins
TitelServices in Electronic Business Scenarios
Abgabe am28.10.2003
ZusammenfassungThe present thesis considers the development and impact of the service sector in the context of electronic business. Electronic business has developed over the years and is now an essential part of the global economy. While information technology was used by companies in the past to support internal isolated business processes, nowadays it?s spanning over internal and external processes including partners and public marketplaces in different industries. Electronic business is supporting companies in leveraging this and drive business process specification based on that. Leading business areas concerning this development include the financial, transport and healthcare industry, which are analysed to develop a generic ontology. Based on that ontology the model of Business Networking is being utilized as a theoretical framework to place services in electronic business into a general business context. This business view complements the static one and a suitable definition of services in electronic business is being derived which integrates both views. Applying this definition to the transport area, a potential future scenario is outlined and a set of use cases is being specified. The ?Scenario Animator?, an interactive simulation software, is developed in Java to implement and demonstrate the use cases. An outlook for future developments for the analytical approach as well as the real business development of the service industry is being given.
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