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AutorenChristian Zirpins, Harald Weinreich, Andreas Bartelt, Winfried Lamersdorf
TitelAdvanced Concepts for Next Generation Portals
Publiziert in12th International Workshop on Database and Expert Systems Applications
EditorA.M. Tjoa and R.R. Wagner
VerlagIEEE Computer Society Los Alamos, California
OrganisationIEEE Computer Society
DatumSeptember 2001
ZusammenfassungOver the last two years, Portal sites surfaced as a major trend in electronic commerce. Unlike a lot of other exaggerated trends, Portals have become an important facet of the World Wide Web which is likely to stay. Emerging from search engines and catalogues, they integrate an increasing amount of information and functionality. The paper reflects on Portal characteristics as well as on foundations of their realization and intro­duces technology needed for the next generation service trading concepts: based on the prom­ising open source project Jetspeed a prototype of the Gibraltar service Portal is introduced, capable of integrating, trading and composing complex remote e-services.
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