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AutorenTuan Tu, Frank Griffel, Winfried Lamersdorf
TitelIntegration of Intelligent and Mobile Agents for E-Commerce -- A Research Agenda
Publiziert inSt. Kirn, M. Petsch. Workshop 'Intelligente Softwareagenten und betriebswirtschaftliche Anwendungsszenarien', TU Ilmenau, FG Wirtschaftsinformatik 2, Arbeitsbericht
EditorSt. Kirn, M. Petsch
MediumArbeitsbericht Nummer 14
OrganisationTU Ilmenau, FG Wirtschaftsinformatik 2
ZusammenfassungThe challenge of realistic E-commerce application scenarios makes an integration of both mobile and intelligent technology -- which have been traditionally treated separately as a result of the diversity of research and development work on agent technology -- appear essential. This paper introduces into some relevant technology issues related to this integration task which all still need substantial research efforts. It also gives some hints on corresponding work done (and published elsewhere) by the authors.
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