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AutorenHeiko Bornholdt, Dirk Bade, Wolf Posdorfer
TitelIncorum: A Citizen-Centric Sensor Data Marketplace for Urban Participation
Publiziert inAdvances in Computer, Communication and Computational Sciences
VerlagSpringer Singapore
Dokumentnummer (ISBN/DOI)978-981-15-4409-5
ZusammenfassungModern cities and their citizens rely on a vast availability of urban data to offer high living standards. In the past, various systems have been developed to address this problem by providing platforms for collecting, sharing and processing urban data. However, existing platforms are insufficient, as they do not put the needs of citizens first and do not offer solutions for connecting proprietary sensors as they are commonly found in households. We propose a Citizen-Centric Marketplace, in which citizens are first-class entities. With our Incorum approach, citizens will be able to easily collect, share and process data from their existing sensors while maintaining data sovereignty and privacy. Additionally, it is easily extensible with further services and applications which can be traded on the marketplace as well. This distributed marketplace offers incentives for active participation and improves the lives of citizens in a smart city.
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