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StatusDiese Publikation wird noch veröffentlicht.
AutorenLars Braubach, Alexander Pokahr
TitelThe Jadex Project: Simulation
Publiziert inMultiagent Systems and Applications
EditorM. Ganzha
VerlagSpringer Berlin/Heidelberg
ZusammenfassungSimulation is on the one hand an important application area for multi-agent systems, but on the other hand also a useful tool for building agent applications. This chapter investigates constructs and techniques that foster both usages of simulation in the context of agent technology. The vision for integrating simulation support consists in establishing simulation transparency, i.e. it should be ensured that applications can be built to a large extent without simulation specific parts. First, approaches for dealing with time in simulated and non-simulated agent execution are discussed. Afterwards the role of virtual environments in agent applications is tackled. Both technical topics are illustrated using concrete applications that further represent the different usages of simulation.
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