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AutorenFrancois Hantry, Mike Papazoglou, Willem-Jan van den Heuvel, Rafique Haque, Eoin Whelan, Noel Carroll, Dimka Karastoyanova, Frank Leymann, Christos Nikolaou, Winfried Lamersdorf, Mohand-Said Hacid
TitelBusiness Process Management
Publiziert inService Research Challenges and Solutions
EditorM. Papazoglou, K. Pohl, M. Parkin, A. Metzger
VerlagSpringer-Verlag Heidelberg Berlin
MediumLecture Notes in Computer Science Nummer 6500
OrganisationServices Science Subline
DatumDezember 2010
ZusammenfassungBusiness process management is one of the core drivers of business innovation and is based on strategic technology and capable of creating and successfully executing end-to-end business processes. The trend will be to move from relatively stable, organization-specific applications to more dynamic, high-value ones where business process interactions and trends are examined closely to understand more accurately an application’s requirements. Such collaborative, complex end-toend service interactions give rise to the concept of Service Networks (SNs). This book chapter surveys business process management, concentrating on business transactions, and introduces a business transaction language to realizes a novel business transaction model that enables end-to-end service constellations to behave according to agreed-upon transaction criteria. The objective of the BTL is to provide the environment to build robust and successful mission-critical SBAs, using a fusion of concepts from application integration, transaction-based and business process management technologies.
Andere Formate Din 1501
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Software Services and Systems Network
EU FP7, Network of Excellence