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AutorenChristian Zirpins, Winfried Lamersdorf
TitelService Co-operaation Patterns and their Customised Coordination
Publiziert inSecond European Workshop on Object Orientation and Web Service (EOOWS), Oslo, Norway, 14 June, 2003
ZusammenfassungService Oriented Computing is meant to support loose relationships between organisations. Such relationships constitute co-operation procedures that translates to interaction processes via Webservices. Service composition deals with the specification and automated enforcement of such interaction processes and its predominant approach is orchestration, where a workflow management system (WFMS) is proactively coordinating the interaction activi-ties. In most cases, the orchestration process is regarded as an implicit result of co-operation logic (actually, they are often the same) but the reverse impact of operational coordination on co-operation logic are often neglected. In this position paper, we claim that the choice of coordination alternatives impacts the quality of service and has to be customised to actual service cases and their individual participants. We will introduce a potential solution approach that revolves around service co-operation patterns. We borrow the paradigms of patterns/idioms that are well known from object-oriented design/development and apply it to co-operation procedures and orchestration processes. This ap-proach allows studying a) reusable co-operation patterns typical for service re-lationships and b) for each pattern a range of possible coordination idioms. We sketch a technique that is intended to refine a composition process based on an analysis of its co-operation patterns and the application of suitable coordina-tion idioms selected by rules in terms of the service context.
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