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AutorenWinfried Lamersdorf, Volker Tschammer, Stefan Amager
TitelBuilding the E-Service Society: E-Commerce, E-Business, and E-Government
VerlagKluwer Academic Publishers Boston/Mass., USA
MediumProc. 4th International Conference on ‘E-Commerce, E-Business, and E-Government’ (I3E04), 18th IFIP World Computer Congress, Toulouse, Frankreich
DatumAugust 2004
ZusammenfassungThe I3E 2004 conference is the fourth IFIP conference on e-commerce, e-business, and e-government sponsored by the three committees TC6, TC8, and TC11. It provides a forum for users, engineers, and scientists in academia, industry, and government to present their latest findings in e-commerce, e-business, or e-government applications and the underlying technology to support those applications. The I3E 2004 conference programme comprises nine sessions – three for each of its main programmatic areas: E-Government: E-Government Models and Processes E-Governance Service Provisioning E-Business: Infrastructures and Marketplaces M-Commerce Purchase and Payment E-Commerce: Value Chain Management E-Business Architectures and Processes E-Business Models
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