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AutorenLars Braubach, Alexander Pokahr, Winfried Lamersdorf
TitelJadex: A Short Overview
Publiziert inMain Conference Net.ObjectDays 2004
DatumSeptember 2004
ZusammenfassungNowadays a whole bunch of different agent platforms exists that aim to support the software engineer in developing multi-agent systems. Nevertheless most of these platforms concentrate on specific objectives and therefore cannot address all important aspects of agent technology equally well. A broad distinction in this field can be made between middleware- and reasoning-oriented systems. The first category is mostly concerned with FIPA-related issues like interoperability, security and maintainability whereas the latter one emphasizes rationality and goal-directedness. In this paper the Jadex agent framework is presented, which supports reasoning by exploiting the BDI model and is realised as an extension to the widely used JADE middleware platform.
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