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AutorenKarl-Heinz Krempels, Jens Nimis, Lars Braubach, Rainer Herrler, Alexander Pokahr
TitelHow words can tell what actions are doing
Publiziert inChallenges in Open Agent Systems '03
EditorS. Willmott and B. Burg and J. Dale and H. Nakashima and C. Sierra
DatumAugust 2003
ZusammenfassungThis paper describes an approach to use embedded descriptions of agent actions in task ontologies and agent communication messages compliant to FIPA ACL [4, 5]. Ontological terms denoting actions are extended with sematical descriptive decorations in such a way that an agent requested to perform a well defined action is able to extract the formal description of the activity bounded to this action from the ontology and to execute it, or to forward it to an inference machine. Further an extension of FIPA SL [7] is presented that allows the integration of this approach in existing agent systems.
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