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AutorWolf Posdorfer
BetreuerWinfried Lamersdorf, Walid Maalej
TitelSoftwareunterstützte Dezentralisierung von Geschäftsprozessen in B2B-Anwendungen mittels der Blockchain-Technologie
Abgabe am08.09.2021
ZusammenfassungAs known from, e.g. Bitcoin, blockchain technology is increasingly used to manage trust amongst independent actors without the need for third parties or intermediaries. In contrast, traditional business process management heavily relies on centralized services to establish trust. This thesis explores real-life industrial distributed B2B application scenarios and proposes corresponding concepts for decentralized coordination of business processes based on blockchain technology with a number of necessary adjustments and technological advancements of current concepts and existing solutions.
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Consensus and Distributed Code Execution for Information Markets and Applications