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AutorenMarko Boger, H.W. Gellersen
TitelOn Models in Object-Oriented Methods - Critique and a new Approach
Publiziert inTOOLS Europe 96, Paris, Feb. 1996
ZusammenfassungIn this paper object-oriented methods are exam-ined, problems are pointed out and a new method is presented. In object-oriented analysis and de-sign methods two types of models can be identi-fied. On one hand, static architecture models are quite similar in all methods and can be considered as very elaborate. For dynamic models, on the other hand, a number of problems are encoun-tered. They are not expressive enough, they are not reversible and dynamic models do not support a seamless development process. We have developed the MODERN method. It re-uses known static architecture models. For the dynamic model, though, a new approach is pre-sented: In a task oriented model a delegation relation is examined. This model is fully reversi-ble, strictly object-oriented and highly expressive. In MODERN the entire development process is reversible and seamless.
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