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AutorenMarko Boger, Toby Baier, Frank Wienberg, Winfried Lamersdorf
TitelExtreme Modeling
Publiziert inExtreme Programming and Flexible Processes in Software Engineering - XP2000
DatumJuni 2000
ZusammenfassungExtreme Programming (XP) has been widely appreciated as a pragmatic software development process. But it has also been criticised to be centred too much on coding, leaving behind modeling and design. More traditional development processes stress the importance of modeling. There appears to be a contradiction between these two different approaches. In this paper we discuss how the principles of XP can be applied also in the modeling phase. To achieve this it is necessary to be able to execute models, as well as to test them. A solution providing this for UML is presented. This allows a seamless integration of UML-modeling into XP. We point out the value added to both XP and UML-modeling and propose \
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