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AutorenJulian Kalinowski, Lars Braubach
TitelIntegrating Application-Oriented Middleware into the Android Operating System
Publiziert inUBICOMM 2015, The Eighth International Conference on Mobile Ubiquitous Computing, Systems, Services and Technologies
VerlagXpert Publishing Services
DatumJuli 2015
ZusammenfassungAs mobile devices are becoming more advanced in technology, the type of software they are able to process de- velops from simple apps to complex applications. Fortunately, a main area in software engineering research is dedicated to examining the handling of complexity. The common approach of adding abstraction layers is embodied in various middle- ware solutions, including application-oriented middleware that feature generic abstractions for decomposition and distribution as well as support for non-functional criteria and higher-level concepts in programming. However, embedding middleware into a mobile operating system environment bears many challenges. The several attempts of porting a middleware to Android have only been partially successful, as they either require developers to use an uncommon programming language or abandon the well-proven Android design principles. We propose a universal architecture for integrating middleware into the Android OS while maintaining the core features of the Android application framework. The presented architecture provides the shared use of middleware libraries during runtime as well as a middleware execution platform for shared use of different apps and an event- based mechanism for middleware/android component coupling.
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