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AutorenOlaf Kummer, Daniel Moldt, Frank Wienberg
TitelA Framework for Interacting Design/CPN and Java Processes
Publiziert inFirst Workshop on Practical Use of Coloured Petri Nets and Design/CPN, Aarhus, June 10-12, 1998
ZusammenfassungIn order to widen the applicability of Design/CPN for the specification and design of large scale distributed applications, a framework has been developed that supports the interaction of Design/CPN and Java processes. Thereby a seamless embedding of the two worlds of Petri nets and object-oriented programming is achieved, allowing problem oriented modeling at different abstraction levels in a fully distributed environment.

The general possibilities to connect Design/CPN with remote processes are discussed and a specific implementation of the required framework is sketched. Promising application areas are named and for some of them concrete example models are provided.

Keywords: Coloured Petri Nets, Design/CPN, Distributed Simulation, Framework, Java, Workflow, Prototyping

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