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AutorenDaniel Moldt, Frank Wienberg
TitelMulti-Agent-Systems based on Coloured Petri Nets
Publiziert in18th International Conference on Application and Theory of Petri Nets, Toulouse, June 23-27, 1997
ZusammenfassungBased on Y. Shoham's paradigm, called Agent-Oriented Programming (AOP), multi-agent-systems are presented as a specialization of distributed, Object-Oriented systems. Equipped with knowledge, general concurrent inference mechanisms dealing with this knowledge, and a declarative agent program, these multi-agent-systems are intended to be a foundation of a new approach uniting advantages of many contributing areas: The precise semantics of Petri nets, the abstraction and encapsulation proposed in Object-Oriented approaches, and the power of logic programming, making it easy to adopt well-known AI-methods. As an example, an urban traffic information system will be designed which solves path searching problems in a distributed graph.

Keywords: Multi-Agent-System, Agent-Oriented Programming, Distributed Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Object-Orientation, Coloured Petri Net.

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