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AutorChristian P. Kunze
TitelDEMAC: A Distributed Environment for Mobility-Aware Computing
Publiziert inAdjunct Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Pervasive Computing
EditorFerscha, A. and Mayrhofer, R. and Strang, T. and Linnhoff-Popien, C. and Dey, A. and Butz,A. and Schmidt A.
VerlagOesterreichische Computer Gesellschaft
MediumAdvances in Pervasive Computing Band 191
DatumMai 2005
ZusammenfassungFor ubiquitous respectively pervasive computing mobility is one of the most important aspects. In the past, mobile devices became more and more aware of their location and vicinity and communicated rather loosely with each other. Therefore, mostly asynchronous communication paradigms were used in order to decouple temporally message transport.

As such communication mechanisms seem suitable for single communication acts, they may not be sufficient, however, for more complex tasks which consist of sequences of related communication acts. This holds particularly if the resulting operating sequence spans several mobile devices in frequently changing vicinities.

Therefore, the approach taken by the ongoing dissertation project DEMAC aims at a higher abstraction level for inter-device communication, especially for more complex user tasks. The concept as developed so far is based on integrating processes into mobile system infrastructures and on distributing their execution over different nodes in the network. For this purpose, a middleware platform for context aware applications is designed which allows for defining process schemas and which uses an interpreter to execute the defined processes in a distributed manner.
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Assoziiertes Projekt
Distributed Environment for Mobility-Aware Computing