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AutorChristian Ewers
GutachterNorbert Ritter, Heiko Rölke
BetreuerKathleen Krebs
TitelBasic Functionalities of a Grid-Infrastructure for Service-Oriented Content Management
Abgabe am28.06.2007
ZusammenfassungLegal regulations are causing great challenges on scalability and performance aspects of today?s Email archiving and management (EAM) systems. The CMaaS project tries to address these by using a Software as a Service (SaaS) approach and by applying service orientation concepts to the EAM system. This thesis examines the requirements on the underlying infrastructure demanded by the intended features like on-demand provisioning, automatic scale-out / scale-in or service orientation. The requirements are divided into the three categories service runtime, resource management and system automation. Standards and products of the Grid-computing area like the Web Services Resource Framework (WSRF), the Web Services Distributed Management (WSDM) and the IBM products IBM Dynamic Infrastructure and IBM WebSphere Extended Deployment are evaluated against the requirements of the according requirement categories. Recommendations for a possible usage of these components within a service-oriented EAM system are given. Missing components and functionalities might be the subject of further research. A simple prototype demonstrates the usage of WSRF and WSDM for management aspects in the intended solution.
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Dynamic Provisioning and Workload Management of Grid-based Content Management Services
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