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Dynamically Configurable Software
DFG Normalprogramm
In the general framework of system software support for modular distributed software systems and applications, the specific goal of this research project was to investigate and propose new concepts and mechanisms for generalised system infrastructures which are (re- and self-) configurable at run-time. On the application side, specific emphasis was laid on the field of electronic commerce applications. The goal of the project could be subdivided into two separate parts: a) to investigate rule-based concepts for dynamic manipulation of (software) system configurations and characteristics resp. system behavior and b) composite structural and interaction concepts which are necessary for the design of large-scale flexible and reconfigurable software applications. Underlying concepts come from both distributed systems as well as from (distributed) software engineering and design ? including the concept of (application) ?services? and their flexi-ble interaction and combination into larger-scale distributed applications. As main example application scenarios for the newly developed classification, composition and management concepts, the project used the two areas of ?open distributed service markets? and ?distributed component-oriented software development?.
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