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AutorenStefan Müller-Wilken, Winfried Lamersdorf
TitelJBSA: An Infrastructure for Seamless Mobile Systems Integration
Publiziert inProc. 3rd IFIP/GI International Conference on Trends towards a Universal Service Market (USM 2000)
EditorClaudia Linnhoff-Popien and Heinz-Gerd Hegering
VerlagSpringer Verlag Heidelberg
MediumLecture Notes in Computer Science Nummer 1890
OrganisationLudwig-Maximilians-University Munich
DatumSeptember 2000
ZusammenfassungWhile the desire to gain full access to stationary information sources (e.g. the company´s backoffice database) when in transit is only natural, inherent design limitations such as a lack of computational power, very limited resources and closed architectures, let mobile system integration still be a difficult issue. In contrast to other approaches to the field, the ``Java Border Service Architecture'' introduced in this article doesn't require modifications to the mobile device´s system software or the application environment to give access existing applications from the mobile system. It features a new way of generating user interface snapshots in an XML--based description format ``on the fly'', translating them to a light--weight format suitable for the device and sending UI snapshots to the device in real time. This article gives an overview of the architecture and its functionality and presents an application scenario that has been implemented on top of it.
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