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AutorenAndreas Bartelt, Winfried Lamersdorf
TitelAgent-Oriented Concepts to Foster the Automation of e-Business
Publiziert inProceedings of the 11th International Workshop on Database and Expert Systems (DEXA 2000)
EditorA. M. Tjoa, R. R. Wagner, A. Al-Zobaidi
VerlagIEEE Los Alamitos, California; Washington; Brussels; Tokyo
DatumSeptember 2000
ZusammenfassungImproving the efficiency of e-Business usage requires the further development of automation techniques for interorganizational business processes as a major driver. Automation can be employed at various stages and application areas of e-Business. The innovative concepts and enabling technologies we argue for in this context are automated negotiation, dynamic interoperability between standards, completeness, trust between business partners and graded anonymity. These agent-oriented areas strongly contribute to automated systems in e-Business and their acceptance by users. We conclude with the presentation of the relationship between current agent technology and the suggested basic concepts for the automation of e-Business.
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