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StatusDiese Publikation wird noch veröffentlicht.
AutorenWolfram Wingerath, Felix Gessert, Norbert Ritter
TitelInvaliDB: Scalable Push-Based Real-Time Queries on Top of Pull-Based Databases (Extended)
Publiziert inVLDB 2020 (Proceedings of the 46th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases)
OrganisationVLDB 2020
DatumAugust 2020
ZusammenfassungTraditional databases are optimized for pull-based queries, i.e. they make information available in direct response to client requests. While this access pattern is adequate for mostly static domains, it requires inefficient and slow workarounds (e.g. periodic polling) when clients need to stay up-to-date. Acknowledging reactive and interactive workloads, modern real-time databases such as Firebase, Meteor, and RethinkDB proactively deliver result updates to their clients through push-based real-time queries. However, current implementations are only of limited practical relevance, since they are incompatible with existing technology stacks, fail under heavy load, or do not support complex queries to begin with. To address these issues, we propose the system design InvaliDB which combines linear read and write scalability for real-time queries with superior query expressiveness and legacy compatibility. We compare InvaliDB against competing system designs to emphasize the benefits of our approach. To validate our claims of linear scalability, we further present an experimental evaluation of the InvaliDB prototype that has been serving customers at the Database-as-a-Service company Baqend since July 2017.
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Scalable Push-Based Real-Time Queries on Top of Pull-Based Databases