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AutorenMarius Stübs, Wolf Posdorfer, Julian Kalinowski
TitelBusiness-driven Blockchain-Mempool Model for Cooperative Optimization in Smart Grids
Publiziert inSmart Trends in Computing and Communications: Proceedings of SmartCom 2019
ZusammenfassungSmart Grid control can be represented as a set of optimization problems. Aggregators, called Virtual Power Plants, are using dispatch schedules as solutions to these optimization problems. Power generation of distributed energy resources has to match the consumption of the electrical load distributed over the grid. An established method of optimizing Smart Grid control is to calculate an optimal solution as a schedule vector over all controllable generators and loads. In this paper, we describe a distributed way of verifying and agreeing upon a solution for this optimization problem. In order to meet the high standards regarding authentication and accountability, we incorporate blockchain technology and propose a Mempool Model for benevolent selection criteria.
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Consensus and Distributed Code Execution for Information Markets and Applications