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StatusDiese Publikation wird noch veröffentlicht.
AutorenAlexander Pokahr, Lars Braubach, Kai Jander
TitelThe Jadex Project: Programming Model
Publiziert inMultiagent Systems and Applications
EditorM. Ganzha
VerlagSpringer Berlin/Heidelberg
ZusammenfassungThis chapter describes the priciples of the Jadex programming model. The programming model can be considered on two levels. The intra-agent level deals with programming concepts for single agents and the inter-agent level deals with interactions between agents. Regarding the first, the Jadex belief-desire-intention (BDI) model will be presented, which has been developed for agents based on XML and Java encompassing the full BDI reasoning cycle with goal deliberation and means-end reasoning. The success of the BDI model in general also led to the development goal based workflow descriptions, which are converted to traditional BDI agents and can thus be executed in the same infrastructure. Regarding the latter, the Jadex active components approach will be introduced. This programming model facilitates the interactions between agents with services and also provides a common back box view for agents that allows different agent types, being it BDI or simple reactive architectures, being used in the same application.
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