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AutorenAlexander Pokahr, Lars Braubach, Jan Sudeikat, Wolfgang Renz, Winfried Lamersdorf
TitelSimulation and Implementation of Logistics Systems based on Agent Technology
Publiziert inHamburg International Conference on Logistics 2008: Logistics Networks and Nodes
EditorT. Blecker and W. Kersten and C. Gertz
VerlagErich Schmidt Verlag
ZusammenfassungThe logistics domain offers challenging problems, which are often characterized by specific properties that render them hard to solve. The development of IT-systems for the logistics domain has to adequately address these characteristics in order to provide acceptable solutions. One key problem of traditional software development approaches is that mainstream software engineering paradigms such as object orientation do not offer sufficiently rich abstractions for complex logistics problems. In order to address this drawback in this paper an agent-based perspective for logistics problems is advocated. On the one hand it is demonstrated what new concepts agent and multi-agent systems provide and how these concepts can contribute to the description of logistics problems and on the other hand a new development approach for multi-agent systems is presented. This approach is specifically designed for domains in which a simulation of the application scenario is beneficial in beforehand of the application implementation. It allows a seamless transition between simulation and operation models of a multi-agent system. This means that an agent-based simulation model of the application domain can be analyzed, optimised, and tested in a first stage of the development. Thereafter, it can be directly used as starting point for the multi-agent implementation and does not require the business logic code to be changed. The approach is tool supported by the Jadex agent framework and its usefulness will be further explained in the context of example applications from the health care and transportation logistics domains.
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