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AutorenMichael Merz, Boris Liberman, Winfried Lamersdorf
TitelUsing Mobile Agents to Support Interorganizational Workflow-Management
Publiziert inInternational Journal on Applied Artificial Intelligence, 11(6), September 1997, S. 551ff
ZusammenfassungThis paper argues that the mobile agent approach is well suited for sporadic communication in open distributed systems - especially for rather ?loose? coope-rations across local and organizational boundaries: In an increasing number of cases, management of distributed business procedures reaches beyond such boundaries. This means for most existing workflow manage-ment systems that cooperating partners are required to give up their local autonomy. However, for cases in which business partners intend to cooper-ate but still need to preserve their local autonomy, process participation on the basis of mobile agents represents an appropriate mechanism. This article shows how such process integration can be achieved. It also demonstrates how the COSM (Common Open Service Market) system soft-ware can be extended in order to use petri-net based process definitions which realize mobile agents in an integrated distributed system platform.
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