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AutorenToby Baier, Christian P. Kunze
TitelIdentity-Enriched Session Management
Publiziert inBuilding the E-Service Society: E-Commerce, E-Business, and E-Government
EditorW. Lamersdorf and V. Tschammer and Stéphane Amarger
VerlagKluwer Academic Publishers Dordrecht
DatumAugust 2004
ZusammenfassungThe Internet has become an important part in every day life for many users. It has changed from an instrument to exchange and link scientific data to an economical and social place, where people spend their working and spare time. But the underlying technology has not adapted to the newly risen demands of communication and collaboration. The user is almost isolated and anonymous when using the web, while still leaving traces threatening their data security and privacy. There is no global concept of 'digital citizens' modern collaboration applications could base on. To overcome this lack, this paper introduces an approach of identity enriched session management. It offers the possibility to integrate different (and distinguishable!) users into meaningful relationships. This paper presents the essential concepts of identity enriched sessions and a prototypical realisation which have been developed in the 'open net environment for Citizens' (onefC) project.
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