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AutorenHartmut Obendorf, Harald Weinreich, Torsten Haß
TitelAutomatic Support for Web User Studies with SCONE and TEA
Publiziert inCHI '04: Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
VerlagACM Press
DatumApril 2004
Seiten1135 - 1138
ZusammenfassungThis paper describes the concepts of TEA, a flexible tool that supports user tests by automating repetitive tasks and collecting data of user inputs and actions. TEA was specifically designed for user studies in the World Wide Web and is able to interact with a web browser. Building on a web intermediary (WBI) and a framework for web enhancement tools (SCONE), TEA can be applied in a range of test settings – providing either a controlled laboratory environment or a quick tool for collecting informal data. See: TEA Information Page
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