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AutorenAndre Widhani, Stefan Böge, Andreas Bartelt, Winfried Lamersdorf
TitelSoftware Architecture and Patterns for Electronic Commerce Systems
Publiziert inProceedings of the Ninth Research Symposium on Emgerging Electronic Markets (RSEEM'02)
EditorSchubert, Petra; Leimstoll, Uwe (Hrsg.)
Verlag Basel
OrganisationUniversity of Applied Sciences Basel (FHBB), Institute for Business Economics, Basel, Switzerland
DatumSeptember 2002
ZusammenfassungElectronic Commerce is one of the most significant fields in internet applications. With the focus moving from B2C-commerce to B2B-commerce, integrating internet and legacy systems within one company and getting technologies used in different companies to work together is a pretentious task. After discussing the current research in software architecture, including suitable notations for describing them, the aim of this paper is to derive and identify patterns on an architectural level that are specific to the domain of electronic commerce systems. In order to achieve this, we present two case studies featuring selected architectural views on both online shop and electronic procurement systems.
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