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Electronic Procurement Negotiations
Standardization efforts in E-Business data exchange, like the XML standards BMEcat or ebXML, stimulate the integration between the information systems of organisations and therefore enable valuable cost and time savings in B2B electronic commerce. The dynamic coordination of these distributed systems, using negotiation mechanisms to support and automate processes, will continue the integration on a higher level. The project Electronic Procurement Negotiations (EPN) is aimed to provide innovative solutions in this context and is specialized to the application area of E-Procurement systems for small and medium sized enterprises (SME).
Beteiligte Personen
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  • Studentische Mitarbeiter
    • Andrej Lidokhover
    • Axel Wriggers
    • Andre Widhani
    • Dirk Schilling
    • Christian Gräfe
    • Dimitri Bastian
    • Afriyie Adwiraah
    • Björn Waldau
    • Jan Knollmann
    • Jörg Seifert
    • Stefan Böge
    • Thomas Wasilewski
    • Wojciech Laka