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AutorJewgeni Kravets
GutachterWinfried Lamersdorf, Klaus Brunnstein
BetreuerChristian Zirpins
TitelCoordination Aware Service Monitoring - Research on monitoring concepts for composite, coordinated services
Abgabe am02.03.2004
ZusammenfassungThis thesis presents a research on monitoring concepts for composite coordinated services. Therefore, it deals with coordination models, explaining them in detail in the monitoring aspect, especially in order to decide where and how the information can be obtained, in order to introduce the coordination awareness of monitoring. For these purposes, different coordination models are presented with their differences and affinities. The term system-management is introduced shortly in scope of coordination providing a link to the monitoring section, binding the main research areas together. Then, the term monitoring is introduced and explained in detail, involving all possibilities, techniques and circumstances. Its additional extensions and possibilities are discussed also. A special attention is paid to possible security aspects for monitoring approaches. Furthermore, a monitoring feedback for coordination is also a part of this thesis. Due to the fact that this work is done in a specialized context, significant technologies, predefined by this context, are also introduced and explained in detail. This predefined context also specifies an infrastructure for the upcoming monitoring approach, mainly for an environment where the monitored activities are distributed. Some context conditional limitations for the use of certain simplification technologies are included as well. Finally, this work presents a monitoring approach for the regarding context, concerning all previously presented aspects, technologies and especially a predefined infrastructure. The conclusion qualifies the resulting monitoring solution and gives an outlook on upcoming approach extensions and possible implementation limitation solutions.
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