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AutorenThomas Plümpe, Henning Brandt
GutachterWinfried Lamersdorf, Daniel Moldt
BetreuerChristian Zirpins
TitelRule-Driven Adaptation of Workflow-Based E-Services
Abgabe am20.02.2004
ZusammenfassungIn recent years service oriented computing has emerged as a new paradigm for distributed application architectures. Electronic services ? platformneutral, self-describing, web-accessible units of software exposing business functions ? hold the promise to facilitate ad-hoc integration of business processes across enterprise boundaries. One fundamental goal is to achieve seamless composability of available services into value-added composites, thus enabling open service markets in which providers of services can rely on third party services to create richer service offers. In order to achieve collaboration between services their conversational behaviour is formalised by means of business protocols. Work- flow techniques are widely used in both public business protocols as well as private service implementation processes. Adaptability of such processes is crucial in order to quickly accommodate new service requirements such as changes in business policies, customer demand or the service infrastructure. Taking the viewpoint of a service provider we propose an approach to service adaptability based on workflow transformation rules. Within the context of the service model and provision framework put forward by the FRESCO project we suggest a flexible rule language for static transformation of workflow-based service schemata by which new service schemata can be derived from existing ones. As part of the FRESCO provision platform prototype we then present a system component for service schema management including repository functionality and schema adaption based on workflow transformation. In addition, the management component will feature an export facility for translating workflow descriptions from the modelling language XPDL into executable BPEL4WS workflow processes.
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