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AutorKevin Röbert
BetreuerHeiko Bornholdt
Titelbase.camp: Overlay Network Framework for Rapid Development of Distributed P2P Applications
Abgabe am19.03.2021
ZusammenfassungExisting overlay networks almost always come as highly specialized, contextrelated bulk frameworks. This means that they handle nearly all aspects from communication, consistency checks, (un-)marshalling of application-speci c entities up to particular method calling models for Remote Method Invocation (RMI) support. Often this happens by a forced speci cation of a programming paradigm/model, such as the actor or agent model. Besides, there are typical usage constraints such as the need for a network interface (which requires root privileges for installation) or additional overhead from multi-layer models that mimic IP or VLAN. These frameworks may be an optimal solution for some use cases, but also means limitations and overhead for projects based on a di erent model and do not need the additional features. All these approaches have in common that they have to solve the problem of communication between nodes in an optimal way. It is precisely this problem and the gap between raw IP-based communication and context-related frameworks that drasyl aims to close by o ering a minimal, expandable and transparent transport layer.
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