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AutorenDietrich Fahrenholtz, Andreas Bartelt
TitelTowards a Sociological View of Trust in Computer Science
Publiziert inEighth Research Symposium on Emerging Electronic Markets (RSEEM)
VerlagRWTH Aachen online
DatumOktober 2001
ZusammenfassungThere is a consensus among researchers across many disciplines such as psychology, sociology, economics, and computer science that trust is one of the most pressing issues e-Commerce faces. A lack of trust manifests itself in many e-Commerce domain phenomena, such as canceled on-line shop purchases, decreasing number of e-auction participants due to auction fraud, and virtual community establishment, to name a prominent few. Nagging questions for computer scientist in this respect are: 'Does our conceptual model capture all necessary parts of trust?', 'How do we ensure that user trust is in sync with our model?', 'How do we monitor system and user performance in terms of trust?', and above all 'Do all of us share a valid and common understanding of the phenomenon trust?' Because trust is a both a commonplace and somewhat abstract, elusive phenomenon, not only computer scientists were tempted to use the term ambiguously and in a way they thought to be appropriate, but without a solid backing from traditional sciences such as sociology and psychology. So our aim in this article is to provide an overview and conceptual clarification of the term 'trust' and its multiple facets from a sociological point of view. We show on the basis of abstract trust forms how these are related to specific types of social order and how societal practices contribute to the achievement of stable, cohesive, or collaborative orders respectively.
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