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StatusDiese Publikation wird noch veröffentlicht.
AutorenKai Jander, Lars Braubach, Alexander Pokahr
TitelExtending the Communication Capabilities of Agents
Publiziert inJournal of Computing and Informatics
VerlagSlovak Academy of Sciences Slovakia
MediumBand 34
ZusammenfassungAgent technology is in principle well suited for realizing various kinds of distributed systems, but in practice agents are seldomly chosen for realizing real-world applications. One reason hindering agents being used in practice is their cumbersome communication mechanism focused on speech act based message exchange which makes them hard for pracitioners used to work in an object oriented way. To broaden the application spectrum of agent technology in practice and make them more accessible for object-oriented developers, this paper presents additional communication means for agents. First, it will be shown how agents can interact using strongly typed service interfaces resorting to asynchronous future based methods. These allow keeping agents autonomous and further support several recurrent interaction patterns within one method call, i.e. without having to use complex message protocols. Second, an extension for binary data streaming via virtual connections will be presented. Its usage resembles established input and output streaming APIs and lets developers transfer data between agents in the same simple way as e.g. a file is written to hard disk. Furthermore, virtual connections allow failure tolerant transmission by multiplexing data across different physical connections. Usefulness of the extensions will be further explained with a real-word example application from the area of business intelligence workflows.
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