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AutorenKai Jander, Lars Braubach, Winfried Lamersdorf
TitelDistributed Event Processing for Goal-oriented Workflows
Publiziert in8th International Symposium on Intelligent Distributed Computing (IDC-2014)
EditorE Camacho, David, Braubach, Lars, Venticinque, Salvatore, Badica, Costin
VerlagSpringer Berlin, Heidelberg
MediumIntelligent Distributed Computing Band 570 Nummer VIII
DatumJanuar 2015
ZusammenfassungAbstract Goal-oriented workflows enable workflow designers to easily include a high degree of flexibility while implementing and automating business process. In addition, modeling is based on the business goals of the organization instead of actions, allowing for better alignment with those goals. Combined with a distributed workflow management system, this allows for a highly agile workflow environment that can adapt to the business situation while maintaining the structure of a solid workflow model. However, one of the drawback of such processes is a lack of attribution of the actions of the workflow to specific goals and plans. As a result, improvements to the monitoring side of process management are necessary in order to make such associations clearer and allow easier workflow analysis and reengineering. This paper presents an approach for a component-based event system that introduces a degree of structure to the events, enabling the association of events with the workflow model. This facilitates not only real-time monitoring of goal-oriented process but also process drill-down analysis traditionally only available to activity-based workflow models.
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