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AutorenAlexander Pokahr, Lars Braubach
TitelThe Notions of Application, Spaces and Agents - New Concepts for Constructing Agent Applications
Publiziert inMultikonferenz Wirtschaftsinformatik (MKWI): Multi-agent Systems: Decentral approaches for designing, organizing, and operating information systems
EditorM. Schumann and L. Kolbe and M. Breitner and A. Frerichs
VerlagUniversitätsverlag Göttingen Göttingen
DatumFebruar 2010
ZusammenfassungThis paper tackles the topic of agent applications and concepts for supporting the developer in constructing multi-agent systems. The first proposition is that an explicit description of a multi-agent system is necessary to enable a developer thinking not only in terms of agents but also in terms of all other involved components. Building on previous and related work it is highlighted that an agent application often consists of agents and some kind of environment, whereby support for building both is advantageous. As environments may be quite different, ranging from simulated 2d or 3d worlds to real application contexts, application descriptions should reflect these requirements and offer a flexible way for defining constituting parts of the application. The concepts and tools presented in this paper allow for defining an agent application as a conceptual entity, which is composed of agents as well as additional non-agent components. A pluggable architecture is proposed that allows defining common types of environment models, thereby facilitating seamless integration of the corresponding environment components into an agent application. The architecture is implemented as part of the Jadex agent framework.
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