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AutorenKoen Hindriks, Alexander Pokahr, Sebastian Sardina
TitelProgramming Multi-Agent Systems – 6th International Workshop ProMAS 2008
VerlagSpringer Berlin
DatumJuli 2009
ZusammenfassungThese are the post-proceedings of the International Workshop on Programming Multi-Agent Systems (ProMAS 2008), the sixth of a series of workshops that is aimed at discussing and providing an overview of current state of the art technology for programming multi-agent systems. The aim of the ProMAS workshop series is to promote research on programming technologies and tools that can e ectively contribute to the development and deployment of multi-agent systems. In particular, the workshop promotes the discussion and exchange of ideas concerning the techniques, concepts, requirements, and principles that are important for establishing multi-agent programming platforms that are useful in practice and have a theoretically sound basis. Topics addressed include but are not limited to the theory and applications of agent programming languages, the veri cation and analysis of agent systems, as well as the implementation of social structure in agent-based systems (e.g. roles within organizations, coordination and communication in multi-agent systems).
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