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AutorenGero Decker, Michael von Riegen
TitelScenarios and Techniques for Choreography Design
Publiziert inTechnologies for Business Information Systems 2007 (BIS 2007)
EditorAbramowicz, Witold; Mayr, Heinrich C.
VerlagSpringer Heidelberg
MediumLNCS Nummer 4439
DatumApril 2007
ZusammenfassungChoreography description languages have been put forward for capturing sets of interactions and their control and data dependencies, seen from a global perspective. Choreographies serve as starting point for generating interface processes for the different participants which in turn are used for implementing new services or adapting existing ones. However, such top-down approaches are not sufficient for scenarios where given implementations cannot be changed and are to be used as a starting point for choreography design. This paper identifies and classifies three categories of choreography design: choreography identification, choreography context expansion and collaboration unification. Each category is motivated through an example from the eGovernment domain. Existing techniques needed for the individual design categories are discussed and missing techniques are highlighted.
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