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AutorenHarald Weinreich, Hartmut Obendorf, Eelco Herder
TitelData Cleaning Methods for Client and Proxy Logs
Publiziert inWWW 2006 Workshop Proceedings: Logging Traces of Web Activity: The Mechanics of Data Collection
DatumMai 2006
ZusammenfassungThis paper presents experiences with data cleaning for a long-term web browsing study with 25 participants. A detailed clickstream log was recorded using a web intermediary. A second log of user interface actions was taken by a modified browser for a subset of the participants (15 users). The consolidated data from both records showed that many page requests were not directly related to user actions. For participants who had no ad filtering system installed, these artifacts made up one third of all page requests. Three major reasons could be identified: Frames and iFrames, advertisements, and automatic page reloads. The experiences made during the data cleaning process might help other researchers to choose adequate filtering methods for their data.
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A Java Framework to Create Navigation Tools
Dr. Harald Weinreich, Dr. Matthias Mayer