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AutorIryna Kozlova
TitelSQXML: Integrated Processing of Information Stored in Object-Relational and Native XML Databases
Publiziert inProc. 7th International Conference on Information Integration and Web-based Applications & Services (iiWAS2005), Austrian Computer Society 2005
DatumSeptember 2005
ZusammenfassungIn recent times, a considerable increase of information stored in XML data sources has lead to the development and wide deployment of so-called native XML database management systems (XML DBMS) that are specially used to manage XML data in its native format. On the other hand, the classical (object-)relational DBMS remain well known and approved for persistent storage of data. Often, an application needs to manage both XML DBMS and (object-)relational DBMS to retrieve and combine data from these kinds of DBMS. Thus, the design and development of an integration system deployed as middleware between the application and the data sources is the focus of our investigation. The approach taken by the ongoing research project SQXML aims at an efficient integrated processing of data stored in (object-)relational and native XML database systems and especially strives for a higher level of automation of the integration process.
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