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AutorenWolfgang Renz, Jan Sudeikat
TitelMesoscopic Modeling of Emergent Behavior - A Self-Organizing Deliberative Minority Game
Publiziert inThe 3rd International Workshop on Engineering Self-Organising Applications (ESOA'05)
DatumJuli 2005
ZusammenfassungRecent research discussed several approaches to understand the relation between microscopic agent behavior and macroscopic multi– agent system (MAS) behavior. A structured methodology to derive these models will have impact on MAS design, evaluation and debugging. Current results have established the description of macroscopic behavior, including cooperation, by Rate Equations derived from markovian agent– states transitions. Emergent phenomena elude these descriptions. In this paper, we argue that mesoscopic modeling is needed to provide appropriate descriptions of emergent system behavior. In a case study, we construct such a mesoscopic model for the socio-economic inspired Minority Game. The mesoscopic description leads us to a deliberative implementation, which exhibits equivalent self–organizing behavior, confirming our results.
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