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AutorMarko Boger
TitelMigrating Objects in Electronic Commerce Applications
Publiziert inTrends in Electronic Commerce 98 (TrEC'98)
EditorW. Lamersdorf, M. Merz
MediumSpringer Lecturenotes in Computer Science (LNCS) Nummer 1402
DatumJuni 1998
ZusammenfassungElectronic Commerce is a field of application that is distributed by nature where different parties share information and work concurrently and co-operatively on objects, potentially distributed over a large scale network like the Internet. In such an environment client/server architectures reach the limit of their capability. Non-centralized distributed architectures with object and code migration are more suitable. This paper presents a distributed extension to Java named Dejay. Its aim is to simplify the design and development of such distributed systems. Concurrency and distribution are expressed using the same mechanism, virtual processors. These processors represent one thread of con-trol. They contain groups of objects and manage their synchronization and mi-gration over distributed networks. It is used as an implementation language for distributed electronic commerce applications.
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