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AutorenLars Braubach, Alexander Pokahr, Daniel Moldt, Winfried Lamersdorf
TitelUsing a Model-based Interface Construction Mechanism for Adaptable Agent User Interfaces
Publiziert inProceedings of AAMAS Workshop 16 - Ubiquitous Agents on Embedded, Wearable, and Mobile Devices
EditorT. Finin and Z. Maamar
VerlagFacoltà di Ingegneria Bologna Bologna, Italy
DatumJuli 2002
ZusammenfassungAgent systems in ubiquitous environments possess properties, which make the construction of user interfaces more complicated than for other systems. Under consideration of these properties, it becomes clear that an especially flexible, dynamically adaptive mechanism is required with the construction of user interfaces for such systems. In this paper, for the user interface construction significant properties of agent systems are discussed and a mechanism to the solution of these problems is proposed.
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