YADrone is yet another open framework for controlling the AR.Drone 2. It is 100% pure Java and currently in use for teaching and research. It's main features are:
  • Easy, yet powerful framework to control the drone
  • Support for sensor readings and NavData, video and drone configuration
  • A control center that visualizes sensor readings and allows to control the drone via keyboard
  • Also supports Android (but no video)
  • Framework is 100% pure Java and is easily extendable
Note: If you have an old AR.Drone version 1 you'll be better off with either ARDroneForP5, JavaDrone or EasyDrone !

Control Center
Screenshot: Control Center

YADrone is still beta. You use this framework at your own risk. It is provided as is and YOU are responsible for any harm or drone damage. Please be careful !

YADrone is open: comments, bug reports and contributions are warmly welcome !

YADrone was initially based on the [ ARDroneForP5 project ] and added a NavData parser from the [ JavaDrone project ]. Recently, the code has been rebased on the [ lab-drone project ] a former extension of YADrone. Credits and thanks go to all guys working on these projects, especially Shigeo Yoshida and Rian Wouters !


>= 2017 Just for the sake of completeness: Work on YADrone has stopped and this project is not further maintained.
10.01.2014 Version 0.31 out. Mainly bug fixes and minor improvements.
16.08.2013 Version 0.3 out. Major improvements based on lab-drone project.
28.01.2013 Now available on Github
20.12.2012 First public release.




Install & Run
API Documentation (JavaDoc)
Architecture (Class Diagram)
Control Center (Plugins)
Paper Chase (Demo Application)