YADrone comes in three different flavors and which of these to choose depends on what you want to do:
  • [Github]   This is the complete and most up to date source package. It's intended for developers only.
  • [Complete]   If you want the complete source of a more or less stable release, choose this one.
  • [Android Only]   This package contains an Android demo application.
  • [Jar Only]   If you want to use YADrone as part of your own application, all you need is this library.
  • [All required libraries]   This package not only contains the YADrone-jar, but all the other libs that are only required if you want to use graphical YADrone Control Center.


The downloads Complete and Android Only are exported Eclipse packages. If you are using Eclipse, just follow these steps:
  • Download the appropriate zip-file
  • Open Eclipse
  • Go to "File"->"Import..."
  • Choose "General"->"Existing Projects into Workspace"
  • Choose "Select archive file" and browse to the downloaded zip
  • Click "Finish"
Further information can be found in the FAQ. See "How to import YADrone sources into Eclipse ?".

If you are not using Eclipse, probably the easiest way is to extract the zip and simply copy the libs- and src-folder into your Non-Eclipse project.

If you just want to use the Jar-file, simply copy the jar into your (Eclipse) project and add it to the build path.

If you want to use the Git version, feel free to use your preferred Git-client. In case you use the EGit client for eclipse, just follow these steps:

  • Open Eclipse
  • Go to "File"->"Import..."
  • Choose "Git"->"Projects from Git"
  • Choose "URI" and provide https://github.com/MahatmaX/YADrone.git
  • Click "Next" and select the master branch.
  • Click "Finish".
In case you want to contribute to YADrone, you also need to configure Push Upstream. The documentation can be found [ here ].


The API documentation can be found [ here ]

YADrone extends ARDroneForP5 a little bit, but these changes are mainly framework internals. Recently, it has been rebased on the lab-drone project and received several refactorings, hence you probably want to have a look at the tutorial page for further information about how to use YADrone.  

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