YADrone is still beta. There are some minor (known) bugs, but these mainly concern the control center and will be fixed someday soon. Nevertheless, you use this framework at your own risk. It is provided as is and YOU are responsible for any harm or drone damage. Please be careful !

Vers. 0.3 This is a major release. The source has been nearly completely rebased on the fantastic lab-drone project. This improvement goes hand in hand with a lot of changes (compared to YADrone 0.2.1):
  • More sophisticated command handling
  • More specific listeners
  • Drone configuration introduced
  • Plugins introduced
  • The API has changed !!! Due to refactoring, this version is not compatible to version 0.2.1. Please see the documentation or get back to me in order to port existing projects.
Vers. 0.2.1 Honestly, I do not know all the changes in this version anymore.

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